Posted on: August 4, 2009 1:11 am

My tribute to a fallen friend

Occaisionally someone will post a thread that will jar a long forgotten memory in my forgetful head.  I just read a post that reminded me of something that I wanted to share.

During my freshman year of college I had dorm showers that had ten different closed shower stalls.  From the very first day every time I took a shower I would hear this guy hocking loud, disgusting loogies while in the shower.  I thought I would kill the guy if I ever found out who was doing it.

The last week of school I was going out to party with my best friend and we both needed to take a shower first.  I was halfway through my shower when I heard him hocking loogies.  I said "you bastard.  It was you the whole time!"

My friend died a tragic death at twenty eight.  But one month before he died he spent the weekend at my house.  The day he left I went to take a shower and saw a huge, brown spit stain on my shower wall.  After he died suddenly I decided to leave his spit on my wall in remembrance of him.

Three years later that stain reminds me more of him than any picture could do justice.

If that story doesn't perfectly illustrate male bonding and sentamentality I don't know what does!
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