Posted on: January 6, 2010 10:46 pm

Mechanics don't mean much

I agree that Tebow's game doesn't appear to translate to the NFL immediately.  He reminds me a lot of Charlie Ward, who bypassed NFL questions by entering the NBA.

But I do think personell guys rate mechanics too highly.

Coaches and analysts used to cringe at some of Brett Favres mechanics and tendencies.  That hasn't appeared to slow him down.

Michael Vick and Vince Young had their passing skills strongly questioned.  While they may not be great passers, they have adapted their unique skills successfully to the NFL.

Fran Tarkenton was derided for his short stature and tendency to scramble.  He finished his career leading every major quarterback statistical category.

The pioneer of modern passing QB's, Sammy Baugh, threw sidearm from his hip like a gun slinger.

I'm not saying that Tebow will succeed in this league.  I'm just reminding everyone that intangibles such as leadership and desire are much more important than arm strength and highth.

According to size, speed, and mechanics Jason Campell should be a much better player than Big Ben and Tony Romo.  But he doesn't have quick instincts or the personality to will a team to victory.  The results speak for themselves.
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