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Are words stronger than actions? NFL thinks so

Professional sports organizations are without a doubt the most blatantly homophobic organizations (with the exception of the Republican Party).

Yet after repeatedly abusing women and publicly humiliating his coach it is Johnson's homophobic remarks that have caused him to be suspended by the NFL and publicly villified.

Don't get me wrong.  Johnson is a punk.  But if I were to make a list of his public screw ups starting with the most serious and detrimental to the football community, assaulting a woman comes first, followed by publicly insulting your coach.  Gay slurs would rank a distant third.

Homophobic remarks are not right, but I am looking at this situation from a pro football perspective.  As far as I can tell, the NFL is not high on GLAAD's list of empathetic organizations.  Let's not forget that no pro football player has ever played as an open homosexual.  Players are scared enough to wait until after retirement to come out of the closet.

Maybe this was just the straw that broke the camel's back.  Johnson certainly has run out of chances.  But if three seperate arrests for assaulting women didn't get him banned I didn't think that spouting a gay slur on a twitter account would be the NFL's breaking point.
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Posted on: October 19, 2009 12:39 am


In case you missed the title of this article let me state it again: Pa-Thetic.


The Washington Redskins proved today beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have an offense that can not play on an NFL level by losing to the Kansas City Chiefs 14-6.


That’s the Chiefs that hadn’t won a game in nine previous attempts.


That’s the Chiefs that came into this game with the worst defensive unit in the entire NFL statistically.


That’s the Chiefs that lost AT HOME to JaMarcus Russell and the Oakland Raiders.


That’s the Chiefs that made Kevin Kolb look like Donovan McNabb.


That’s the Chiefs that made Miles Austin look like Jerry Rice.


That’s the Chiefs that were the last team to have the ineptitude to lose to the Detroit Lions (that is, until, you know, the Redskins lost to them this year).


That’s the Chiefs that……………well, you get the picture.


I am going through such pains to remind people who this team that the Redskins lost to actually is because their defense didn’t look like Kansas City today.  They looked like an all star team comprised of players from the ’85 Bears and the 2000 Ravens.


Please don’t be angry Chief fans.  I am just stating facts.  I will not write the pathetic line that I have heard over and over from the Redskin locker room that we lost to a team that we should have beaten.


That is a lie and a cop out.  The truth is that the Chiefs deserved to win that game and at this point are a better team.  The Chiefs dominated the Washington offense and deserved to win the game.


Read what I have written carefully.  It is the truth.  The Redskins’ current offensive lineup is not capable of exposing the worst defense in the league.


The sad thing is that a very good defense is going to waste in Washington.  I truly believe that the Washington defensive unit could take at least ten teams in this league to the Super Bowl.  Any team that could score 20 points on a regular basis would win 12-14 games with this defense.


Word came down after the game today that Jim Zorn has been relieved of his play calling duties.  While I am glad that some form of reprimand was carried out somewhere on this team I have little faith that it will make a difference.


At this point there are too many areas to point fingers at.  The Head Coach is probably the right place to start, but anyone who thinks that the problems end there is delusional.


I really considered going down the entire Redskins organization from the owner, personnel, coaching staff, roster to the practice squad and listing who I would get rid of and why.


I still may at some point this year, but for now let me state the obvious.


The season is over and the time to rebuild the offense is upon us.


Yes we are 2-4.  Yes we have a long season in front of us.  Yes miracles do happen every day on the lifetime network.


Get real people.  This offensive unit peaked in 2005, had a slight rebound in 2007, and had a total meltdown in 2008.  This unit is not one piece away.  Its best players are entering the twilight of their career.  Two of them may already never play again in Chris Samuels and Randy Thomas.


If this team wants to do anything productive to build towards future success it will go young and bench the veterans.  Who cares if it looks ugly?  How much worse could this offense do than six points against the Chiefs?


If Colt Brennan hadn’t been put on IR and Chase Daniels hadn’t left I would say go with one of them.  As it is we might as well play Campbell, because Todd Collins is not the future and proved today that he has lost so much mobility and arm strength that he can’t physically make 35% of the plays that most QB’s are required to make.


The O-line is already playing the young guys due to injury, so not much change will happen there.


Santana Moss is one of my favorite players.  But he is getting older and is not a part of a successful future for this team.  Bench him and Randle-El and play the young guys.  At least then they can be evaluated and we can see if they should be part of this rebuilding phase or not.


Chris Cooley is still young and can be a part of this team’s future.  Keep him in.  But also give Fred Davis a chance to show what he can do (besides fumble).


Clinton Portis has been the heart and soul of this team for six years.  This isn’t really his fault.  He is still the best option the Redskins have.  But he is getting older and will not be around long enough to endure a two-three year overhaul.


Therefore, he must sit down next to Ladell Betts and let Marcus Mason and Aldridge show if they should be considered as part of the future of this franchise. 


As far as Rock Cartwright is concerned, I would release him tomorrow.  He will never be a vital player and his on field strutting and off field comments are not needed in any way.  The Skins should cut him so that they don’t have to keep releasing Renaldo Wynn every week to make room for a substitute punter.


I know it hurts, but Redskin fans have to look at this situation objectively.


Will a coaching change during this season turn this team around?


Are Portis, Moss, Randle-El, Collins, Betts, Samuels, Thomas, and Cartwright players that are young enough to endure a rebuilding process or good enough to change the direction of this season.


The answer of course is no.


The season is lost.  It’s evaluation time.  Let’s find out who has a future and who doesn’t.


P.S.-If I were Dan Snyder and I really loved the Redskins I would sell the team immediately and try to buy a rival franchise.  With one move he could help the Redskins and destroy a rival team at the same time.  Jerry Jones seems to be doing that already in Dallas, so Snyder should focus on acquiring either the Giants or the Eagles.

Posted on: October 17, 2009 7:34 pm

Much needed advice for the Skins

Our favorite source of Sunday heartburn and indigestion returns to Fed-Ex field Sunday to play the lowly Kansas City Chiefs.  They will match up against their record setting sixth consecutive opponent without a win this year.


They have two choices.  They can rise to the occasion or set a new low in fan and player morale.


Since it seems that the Redskins need help from anyone who is willing to give it, I thought that I would give the coaching staff several strategies that could help them avoid another embarrassing loss to a winless team.


The first thing that I would do is leave seven players in pass protection at all times.   Todd Yoder would draw the start at tight end and play the majority of the game to help block.


Due to recent injuries to two of the Skin’s best linemen the Redskins are forced to start four players who did not see significant action last year, including two players who haven’t started a game in years.


If given time Jason Campbell has proven that he can make plays, but this lineup will not likely give him that time, despite facing the leagues worst defense.  We saw how this unit made a horrible Tampa Bay unit look like they were the championship unit of the Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks’s heyday.


The Redskins must protect this makeshift unit and give Campbell at least enough time to scan through his progressions.


Leaving Yoder in to block and using Clinton Portis in all passing situations will let the Skins benefit from having their best blocking tight end and running back on the field.  This will limit Campbell’s targets but give him enough time to have a chance of actually finding them.


Keeping Yoder in the game would in theory limit Chris Cooley’s playing time.  But if I were Zorn I would go with my three best receiving threats most of the game to maximize the effectiveness of the limited amount of receivers that will be sent out into formation.


In most scenarios I would use Moss, Cooley, and Randle-El as my three targets.  I would also look to line Cooley up out wide and keep Randle-El in the slot to maximize the huge advantage the Redskins have against the Chiefs’ nickel back.


The Chiefs have been horrible all year defending the slot receiver, including Miles Austin’s ten catches for 250 yards last week.  Randle-El may not be a great receiver, but he is at least as good as Austin.  The Redskins should seek to force the Chiefs into the same scenarios that they were beaten on last week and every week this year.


On goal line formations I would substitute Malcolm Kelly for Randle-El to give the Redskins the option of the lob.


The defensive unit has been pulling its weight for the most part.  But they have many injury concerns on the front line this week.


In order to increase the line’s effectiveness and give them another healthy body to help in the rotation I would play Brian Orakpo on the line the entire game.  The Redskins are deeper at linebacker this week than they are on the line and this move would help solidify their front while putting the best combination of talent on the field.


If Campbell is given the protection he needs to make decisions and the defensive line can play well despite its injuries the Redskins should win this game.


If they don’t make the correct adjustments to minimize the weaknesses within their lines this could turn into another very long afternoon for Redskins’ fans.

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