Posted on: September 22, 2009 5:31 pm

I support booing and Twittering.

Robert Henson is a rookie.


Robert Henson got angry by the way that 90,000 Redskin fans booed the team many times during their win against the Rams.


As a Redskins fan who has attended many games at Fed-Ex I have a unique opinion on this incident.


Fans ARE fickle.  They can boo at inappropriate times.  Many fans do not understand the game very well and boo when they have no reason too.


However, in this case they had every right to boo.  The performance by the offense and certain coaching decisions were very deserving of boos.


I am glad they booed.  That is a fans right.  If I was there I would have booed too.


Heck, I was sitting at home and I booed.  They just couldn’t hear me.


Having said that I think that Henson has every right to respond to it and be angry.  Maybe it will motivate him and his team mates to play better.


It makes me sick that he was basically forced to apologize.  He obviously meant what he said and has every right to express his feelings.  Apologizing for saying something that you don’t believe is wrong is much worse than saying something that you believe in that may offend people.


It’s a free country (or it used to be).


I support the fans’ right to boo, and I support Henson’s right to post an angry twitter about it.

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