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Posted on: September 1, 2009 7:14 pm

Does anyone know the answer to my question?

Ray Ratto wrote an interesting article about the possibility of as many as 12 NFL franchises having games blacked out this season due to poor ticket sales.  This made me wonder about one aspect of the NFL's blackout policy. 

For the record I just want to state that I will never personally be affected by a blackout for two reasons. 

First, my Redskins have a ten year waiting list for season tickets.

But even if millions of Skins fans stopped buying tickets I wouldn't be affected by a blackout because I live outside of their local market.

My question is this.  If an area has a game blacked out does it just apply to local affiliates, or would all cable NFL packages be blacked out also in local areas.  It seems reasonable to black out local stations so fans will have to pay to watch their team.  But blacking out a fan who has shelled out hundreds of dollars to buy an NFL product that guarantees the ability to watch every game would be wrong.

Of corse, the NFL is paranoid enough to black out DirecTV just to prevent a fan without cable from driving over to Buffalo Wild Wings to catch the game on their NFL package.

Does anyone know the answer to this?  Even though it will not affect me directly I am curious about the fine print of the NFL blackout policy. 
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