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Posted on: November 30, 2009 10:03 pm

An educated guess about Tiger's wreck

I am pretty sure that most of us don't believe the "official" story of Tiger Woods' accident, so I would like to throw on my ametuer detective hat and attempt to solve this case.

I am assuming that Woods was required to submit to a drug test.  Since drugs do not appear to be the issue it leaves only one possibly explaination.

Woods got into a fight with his wife and stormed off, but was so angry that he lost control of his car.  His insistence on remaining quiet and reference to this as a family matter all but confirm it.

I have actually witnessed a virtually identicle situation to this.  My sister in law used to live with me and one day she got into a huge fight with her boyfriend.  I heard screaming through the walls, followed by doors slamming and car tires screaching.

I went to the window and watched her boyfriend doing 40 mph down the driveway in reverse.  When he turned into the street he was going so fast that he overshot the road and got stuck in the ditch.

I went outside with a couple of boards to gets his back tires unstuck from the mud, but i saw that his car was so low to the ground that it's frame was actually stuck against the ground.  We ended up having to dig out the entire area underneath his car before he could leave.

I can almost guarantee that this is what happened to Tiger.  The only speculation that I am willing to add is that I think she smashed his windows out before the wreck.

 There is no way that an SUV has enough damage that opening a door is impossible.  And if the doors were locked it is absurd to think that his wife didn't have a spare set of keys.  It is also common sense that a 120 pound women couldn't drag a 200 lb man out of a smashed rear window of an SUV from the driver's seat without cutting both herself and her husband.  I also question whether she is strong enough to lift him through the car and out of the back window by herself.

Obviously the police have similar reservations to the official story, otherwise they wouldn't be so insistent on questioning Woods.

I think that Tiger is causing himself more grief by refusing to comment on the issue.  Everyone can empathize with a person getting into a heated argument with a loved one.  Very few people can empathize with a person whose action require a police investigation and is rich and powerful enough to get away with refusing to speak with police.

Tiger has the right to do or say anything within the confines of the law.  But his silence is a bad P.R. move.

I guess the press must be resigned to wait until after his divorce to read the true account of events (from one person's perspective) in his wife's tell all book.

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