Posted on: August 19, 2009 12:23 am

Thank God Brett Favre Is Back!

I just thanked the lord and did the happy dance when I found out today that Brett Favre is officially back in action.


I have since been overwhelmed by the public backlash that has stemmed from this latest chapter of “As the Brett Favre Turns”.


I even heard a caller to an NFL radio show state with absolute authority and certainty that This signing was a knife in the back of Ted Thompson and as a result Brett Favre will never be inducted into the Packer ring of honor or go into the hall of fame as a Green Bay Packer.


I had to laugh.


In response to that ludicrous statement let me state with utmost authority and certainty that five years after Mr. Favre retires (if that day ever comes) he will be a first ballot hall of famer and go in as a Green Bay Packer.


The NFL takes a much more pragmatic stance on these issues than the average obsessed fan does.


Also, even a die hard Packer fan has to admit, there will be much more interest and emotion surrounding the two Vikings/Packers games this year.  Isn’t that what an entertaining football game is all about?


And the sportswriters who are just incredulous that Old Man Favre toyed with their emotions again make me laugh.


Isn’t your job to write about football and present interesting stories involving the sport?  Doesn’t the return of Brett Favre make your job a hell of a lot easier?


Between Favre and Vick stories many football opinion writers have already met their quota of stories for the season.


Old schoolers may blab about the purity of the game, but at heart the modern NFL is about putting forth the most entertaining product possible.


The addition of the Brett Favre saga makes this season much more entertaining.  If he succeeds and leads the Vikes deep into the playoffs it will be a great story.  If he falls flat on his butt it will be a great story.


If he crushes the Packers it will be a great story.  If he gets humiliated at Lambeau it will be a great story.


It is certainly Must See TV!


Maybe I have this opinion because I don’t have an emotional tie to either team.  Maybe I have studied NFL history and know that in 99% of cases team ownership uses players to their own benefit.  Therefore I am not upset when a player finally gains the status where he is able to use team owners in the same way.


Whatever my reasons are for my opinions, there is one thing that I think is undeniable.  The return of Brett Favre is the biggest storyline in football today and increases public interest in football.


That can only benefit the NFL.  They should pray that he does the same thing next year.

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Posted on: June 14, 2009 6:19 pm

Not Enough Brett Favre Articles

            I am really upset with the national media and its lack of Favre coverage.  One article a day is not nearly enough.  This is a story that everyone loves and needs to hear. 

     I feel that sportswriters are being lazy so I thought I should give them some ideas to follow.

     First, I want daily reports from Brett's doctor, his agent, and Minnesota management.  So much can happen between one article and the next and I believe the public are missing out.  Since I am sure that Brett and his agent are in daily contact with the Vikings we should be privy to these encounters as well.

     Secondly, I want TV coverage of every rehab session and practice session at the high school.  There should be an ESPN film crew permanently on location in Hattiesburg.  If he plays catch with his kid in the back yard I want a camera man in a tree giving us the overhead angle.  Another guy can be in the bushes for the on field angle.

     I want one candid interview with Favre a day.  Chris Mortensen gave this to us last year and every fan appreciated it.  I know Brett will give the media the access, so what are they waiting for?

     I want a radar detector documenting the speed of his fastballs and changeups.  That way we can gauge his level of recovery on a daily basis.

     I want HBO to make this season's Hard Knocks show a reality show involving Brett and his family.  Seriously, who produces this show?  Does HBO really think Chad Ochocinco and the Bengals are a better soap opera than this?

     I think every newspaper in the country would be wise to devote a special section of their paper to the events surrounding Favre and the Vikings.  They do this to preview the upcoming season and for the Superbowl, why is this any less important?

     Topping the list, and I can’t stress enough the importance of this, I want visual evidence of every bowel movement he makes.  I want a bulletin running under the screen on ESPN if it has corn in it.  They should bring back Keith Olberman for this job exclusively.

     I want to turn on Sportscenter tomorrow and hear him say “Last night Brett Favre produced two solid pieces of fecal matter.  They were brown with a hint of green.  I am happy to announce there were no floaters.  I think I can speak for all of us at ESPN when I say that I am relieved that the taco diarrhea he experience yesterday is firmly behind him.”

     I ask all sportswriters and sports TV channels everywhere to step up their game.  This topic is the most important cultural event since the Kennedy assassination.  We must treat it accordingly.

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Posted on: June 10, 2009 2:00 pm

Favre Signs With Vikes...........................

   The Vikings have announced that they have officially signed Favre and have designated him as their featured running back for the 2009 season. 

     A Vikings spokesman said that the Vikings were impressed by his speed and especially his ability to catch passes out of the backfield.  "We envision him playing as a Brian Westbrook type of player.  He will be flanked out wide from time to time." 

     The source also said the Vikings were installing special "wildcat" formations for him and were also considering letting him field punts.  Adrian Peterson has embraced a backup role wholeheartedly. 

     "I'm willing to do whatever it takes to win," Peterson told us on the phone Tuesday night.  "Obviously when you have a choice between Favre and Adrian Peterson you will pick him every time.  I think this will be a great one-two punch."

     Favre has praised Peterson for his unselfish attitude.  He has asked for the Vikings to feature a two back set with Peterson serving as a fullback to help clear blocking lanes for the future hall of fame runner.

     "I'm excited about this new opportunity," Favre told us.  "The Jets used me as a more traditional type of back, but I feel I can be effective catching passes also.  I am a really good route runner and linebackers will have problems keeping up with my speed."

     With Sage Rosenfels handing off and throwing to Brett Favre the Vikings now look to be the odds on favorite to win the Superbowl this year.  Place your bets early folks.



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