Posted on: August 5, 2009 11:50 pm

Parrish is right for the wrong reasons

Gary Parrish has recently done a running concept article where we vote on head to head matchups between prominent arenas.  He took the voting results for the nine winners and gave his list of the best of those nine.  Number one on his list was Cameron Indoor Stadium.  When choosing them number one he compared the stadium to the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper album.

When Gary said that Cameron Indoor Stadium was the Sgt. Pepper of basketball arenas he was right on the money.  But not for the reason he thought.

Pepper and Cameron are perfect parallels.  Both were groundbreaking.  Both were critically acclaimed.  Both were hyped well beyond their measurable worth. 

Every Beatle has been quoted on this subject a thousand times.  None of them consider Pepper their greatest album.  Most well recieved? Sure.  Most critically acclaimed?  Definitely.  A defining period statement? Absolutely.

But if you look at the songs for their individual quality and disregard the concept and artwork Pepper isn't even in the top three.

Revolver, The White Album, and Abbey Road were all vastly superior musically to Pepper.  The songs have a higher quality and were more of a product of four people working together than Pepper, which was dominated by Paul.

It is hip to claim Cameron as the best.  But does it have the history of Rupp?  Or the winning tradition of the Dean Dome?  NO!  But Cameron gets quality points for atmosphere, just as Pepper benefitted from reflecting the atmosphere of it's time in history.

My opinion is that Cameron is a basketball mecca.  But like Sgt. Pepper, when we reflect back twenty years from now we will easily be able to see better options that didn't get their proper respect due to the bias of the times.
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