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Posted on: August 22, 2009 11:12 pm

Fred Davis Is Out Of My Doghouse

Fred Davis made me angry last week.


Yes, I know, I had a lot of reasons to be angry at the Redskins last week.  They lost 23-0 and looked shell shocked in all phases of the game.


But the crucial point for me was Todd Collins’ impressive drive towards the end of the half with the Redskins down six nothing.


Davis fumbled, but was lucky enough to recover it.  But later in the series he fumbled again and was not so lucky.


The Ravens recovered and performed a stellar two minute drill.  What could have been a 7-6 Redskin lead turned into a 13-0 halftime hole.


I was angry at Davis.  I told everyone I knew that Davis would never see playing time if he kept fumbling in critical situations.


He was in my doghouse.  I’m sure he was in Zorn’s too!


Fast forward to tonight’s game against the Steelers.


Deep into the third quarter, with the Steelers leading 13-10, Washington was forced to punt.


Who should be hustling down the field to force a turnover on special teams, but Fred Davis.


As soon as the Redskins regained possession my killer instinct took over.  In my mind I thought that now would be the perfect time to take a shot at the end zone.


Jim Zorn must have read my mind.  Who should he chose to go to?  Fred Davis!  In the same manner in which he ruined the game for the Redskins last week he had just redeemed himself by saving them tonight.


I was really happy to see that Fred Davis made up for past sins, but my advice would be to not get complacent.  He did not secure a roster spot tonight.  He only cancelled out his past mistakes.


Fred Davis enters week three against the Patriots with a clean slate in my mind.  What he does from now on will help determine his role within the Redskin offense this year.


Not many players get a second chance in the preseason.


My advice would be to not waste it.



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