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Posted on: February 5, 2010 10:39 pm

NFL should enact Dancing With the Stars clause

Seriously people.

Is there anything sadder or more damning to a reputation than a stint on Dancing With the Stars?

Actually, a more appropriate show title would be Dancing with the Marginally Famous, or Dancing with Former Stars In Desperate Need Of Cash Or Exposure.

Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith were great players.  Even after watching them revert to mere mortal status during stints in Arizona, Seattle, and Denver there are still a great many people who still remember how great these two really were.

But becoming a contestant on Dancing With the Stars is almost unforgiveable.  The only thing worse than their performances on the show is the precedence it sets for future washed up NFL greats.

Therefore, before this thing gets out of hand, I am pleading to the NFL Rules Committee to enact a ruling that declares that any former player who participates in Dancing With the Stars will be banned from the Hall of Fame.

If you feel the need to grandfather Rice and Smith in fine.  But please take a stand.  Help stop former greats with bad managerial representation make fools of themselves.

Either that or put a tutu on Emmitt and Jerry's Canton busts!
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